About us!

Hello, my name is Victoria & I am the founder / owner of Cali-Dream Handmade! Pictured here with me is my family ( who I do all of this for❤️).

 I originally started making candles at the start of the pandemic while we were living in California to find a hobby / side hustle at the time, then we moved to Ohio and I started making candles again + thankful to be able to do this full time!

 My goal is to have candles that are different from department store candles and bath and body work candles + to be able to make the smell even stronger! I use 100% soy wax in all my candles + wax melts which helps the candle burn longer and have a strong fragrance! Each candle I make is hand-poured and decorated with love! ❤️


I also have to shout out this amazing woman right here, my mama! I truly could not have done any of this with out her, she is always by my side at EVERY single vendor event! She also paints and helps out with a few of my jars! All her love & support keeps me so motivated! 


Contact me at : Calidreamhandmade@gmail.com